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Take a Picture,
It'll Last Longer...
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Loud music reverberated through the entire neighborhood late on a Friday evening in spring. It was obnoxious, but no one was bothered enough to complain yet. It was just a group of kids being kids after all. 
"This has been the best night of my LIFE!" the usually nerdy Allen exclaimed, his voice overwhelmed with excitement. 
He was pumped to end this chapter of his life before having to prepare for what comes next.
"At your university there'll be parties like this every single month probably," replied Logan.
Logan wasn't actually sure if college was actually a party every week like he'd been lead to believe by the media, especially since high school was far more than the big sporting events and unstable relationships that the movies always seemed to portray.
"I can't believe where we are right now. Who'd of thought us normies would be invited to a party at Rachel's house!?" Al continued.
It was hard for the two to gra
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A Second Chance [Part 10] Rude Awakening
It was Friday.
Bella had nearly spent an entire week in this alien body. The girl still had no idea whether this was a for life thing or if it would only last until after prom night. Sure, she was getting kind of used to being in this new form, but that didn't mean she was okay with it! She didn't have any huge complaints about being a girl, other than a few minor inconveniences she'd been finding. In some aspects her life was somewhat better now; definitely an improvement compared to what had happened this week in what must have been an alternate reality. Even still, she certainly wanted to be Ben again.. right?  
She sat on the edge of her bed. The sun was just barely beginning to rise. She took a morning stretch before getting up and trudging to her cabinet to find an outfit for today. From the drawer she pulled out a simple blouse and a pair of skinny jeans, getting dressed with ease and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. 
She grabbed a brush and painfully tugged the k
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A Second Chance [Part 9] ..Tuesday
"Yaaaawn," the girl stretched herself out of a drowsy state. It was time for school again. 
She got up at a reasonable time today so she headed downstairs to find her mother sitting at the dining room table reading the paper and drinking some steaming liquid out a mug, probably coffee.
"You're up early," the mother stated.
Bella rubbed her eyes still fighting off the drowsiness.
"I thought I'd give myself a little time for breakfast today," Bella remarked.
She poured herself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table with her mom.
"Coffee?" her mom asked.
"Oh uh, sure," Bella replied, getting up to grab a mug from the cabinet. 
"So how's school been treating you, honey?" her mother asked.
Bella glanced off to the side thinking. 'How's school? Well for one I'm a girl now and Bailey treats me differently and to top that off she's taking someone to prom that isn't me!! And it's not because I'm a girl, she's taking a girl too. I met a boy yesterday. He was nice.' 
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Bella by Iis18 Bella :iconiis18:Iis18 3 4
Closer than ever before
The past week had just been downpour after downpour. Occasionally there'd be a break in between where the sky would be a fascinating shade of gray. It was unclear if the sun even still existed at this point.
Will had been spending the weekend inside trying to think of productive things to do. He'd already beaten every video game he bought earlier in the year.. Well, the good ones at least (the one's he was okay enough at to not have rage quit months ago). He'd read one of the books he'd started reading but he wasn't really feeling it.
He looked over to see Charlotte asleep and sprawled out on the sofa across from him. She was beautiful, even in slumber. Her signature maroon hair was vibrant. He was lucky enough to have helped her dye it earlier. He thought she would've had a spell or something to do that but apparently not. That's worth mentioning by the way, Charlotte is a witch. A pretty good one too.
Will had experienced a handful of encounters with Charlotte over the past tw
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A dream
Where am I?
Who are all these people?

Is this... a film set?
Standing across from me is a young women about my age. She has long blonde hair and seems the actress type. 
She begins talking. A man in a director's chair accompanied by several other professional types watch us.
Suddenly, she stops talking. Everyone is staring at me.
I've forgotten my line!
The director tells everyone to take five.
I walk over to a mirror placed to the side of the large room to see what is going on. I stare into it and my reflection stares back at me. 
I look a lot like myself. I'm biologically the same person, but I know that I am a girl. I also take note of the fact that my hair is a fair bit longer and also a rather peculiar shade of metallic blue now apparently. Is this temporary hair color spray or...?
Acne sprinkles my face. There's a particularly noticeable pimple on my nose.  
I'm not dressed very well. I look like a right slob, really
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Mikala - prelude
"Well.. here goes nothing" Michael Summers told himself as he approached the creepy old house.
He clutched a small rock in his hand. Maybe he could throw it straight at the door. He didn't want to cause too much of a commotion. All he needed to do was irritate the lady who owned the estate enough that she would cast a curse upon him.
She had the power to change everything about him. Michael, however, would use the curse against her! This was his chance to be who he wanted to be!
He took but one step onto the property. 
"Halt!" a voice boomed from inside the house. Mike froze, startled by the sudden sound. He clenched the rock tight.
A woman walked outside. She looked to be holding a staff of some sort.
"What do you think you're doing here?" she scolded him. 
He took a deep breath and glared at the woman. Without hesitation, he lifted his arm and tossed the rock towards her.
It was a weak throw- pathetic even. It didn't even make it onto the porch. 
"It's like you're not
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A Second Chance [Part 8] Monday..
    It didn't take long for a couple of students aware of their surroundings to notice the angry girl sat in the back of the room. Bella tried to contain her rage as best she could; it wasn't working out so well. She wondered to herself if she could blame the feminine hormones flowing through her for these intense feelings. Was she thinking as clearly as she would as a male? Had that witch changed more than physical than Ben's physical features?
Bella wondered where the witch that had done this to her was now.
'What was her name again?' 
she pondered, Erika or something? Yeah, that's it.' 
Good morning class," the teacher said. His name was Mr. Trudgeman. The classroom quieted down.
Mr. Trudgeman taught Biology, but he was also her homeroom teacher. He began to take attendance. One by one he called off the names of each student. He finally reached Bella, much to her dismay.
"Bella Hawkins," he said as he glanced around
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Free to Play - Simone
"Oh man, I am so hyped for this game" Simon stated with pure glee as the game's logo appeared on his desktop. It was merely a loading screen, telling him that the game was being installed, but it featured such beautiful art and amazing graphics. Coolest of all it was compatible with the AR headset he had. It would be like he was in the game!  
It was a cross between a life simulator and an rpg called Livestory. It was like everything he loved in a game combined and he knew for sure that he could see himself sinking several hours a day into this game. Best of all, it was free to play! He really didn't understand why this game was so extremely underrated. It only had a little over 300 players so far.
He had been wanting to play this game ever since he found out it existed. It had apparently come out in early access in some countries a few weeks ago. But ever since Simon knew it existed, the download link had been down for a while ever since. It was supposed to update today appa
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 "So.. How about those rumors going around?" Mike Summers asked his long time best friend, Emile. 
Emile knew just what he was talking about. An old house a few blocks up, built back in the late 1800s apparently. There was an ominous vibe about it. It was owned by the same lineage for as long as anyone could remember. Not many people actually knew what it looked like inside. The only thing anyone really knew was that the people who inhabited that place were not to be provoked. 
The rumors going around, mostly among the youngsters, were that people who were caught trespassing on the property had gone  missing. Which, one would suspect would lead to police reports and many upset family members, but strangely no. There were no headlines in the local newspapers or anything. The strange thing was that whenever people disappeared after bothering the owner of that house they seemed to be conveniently replaced by a similarly aged person of the opposite sex. 
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Falling in Love (all over again)
It was another ordinary day at the Allens family residence. They were a nuclear family; very average for the most part.
Logan Allen was a business man. His wife, Quinn was an elementary school teacher. They were both in their late forties. 
They had a daughter named Ashley, who had recently turned sixteen.
Yes, this family was pretty average. The lived in the suburbs and commuted to work on weekdays.
Ashley, being a teenager, was reasonably angsty. She showed interests in dying her hair bright colors and wearing heavy eye makeup.
Her parents were not fans of her punk life style nor her interests in romantic partners.
They were fairly conservative when it came to such things. 
She didn't agree with her parents quite often. They didn't agree with her. 
They saw her as a problem. Likewise, she saw them as a problem.
Ashley often locked herself away in her room in attempt to avoid their conflict. Most of the time she could drone it out, but sometimes it really bothered her.
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A Second Chance [Part 7] Time for School
     "Bellaaaaa, You better wake up soon or you're going to be late!" Bella's mom called from outside her door. Bella could hear the monotone buzzing of the alarm set on her phone. Bella moaned and rolled over to shut it off. The bed was so comfortable. It was like sleeping on a cloud. She didn't want to get up for at least a million years. 'Just a few more minutes' Bella thought to herself pulling the covers back over her head and drifting back to sleep. After what felt like a few minutes, but in reality was quite a bit more, her peaceful slumber was suddenly interrupted. "Bella! What do you think you are doing!?" her mother cried. "You have less than thirty minutes to get to school! You're going to miss the bus!"
 'School? but I'm suspe--OH SHi-!!' Bella suddenly realized. While Ben would have still been suspended from school for that reckless alcohol incident a few weeks ago, Bella was not. Bella probably didn't even know t
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Life changes
So here we are again. Just another casual explanation of how life has been recently. Well uh.. life has been life and all. You know how it is, I guess. My life has a tendency to be average. It's not like I'm the protagonist of some fantastical story or anything. I used to be able to say things like that. Mere months ago I could say that. 
But not anymore.
You know that night that I transformed somehow.. Or at least.. how I told you I transformed somehow? Well. It happened again. It was just as much a surprise this time as it was last. I don't seem to have any control over these transformations as far as I know? All that I've maybe gathered is that it tends to happen around times when I log onto DeviantArt to check my notifications for new TG stories to read. Or maybe it's triggered by strong emotions. Perhaps there's a fairy granting me wishes somewhere. I mean, it's only happened twice now, so I don't reall
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Nice and fluffy
 Mark was up rather early.. well early for a Saturday morning, at least. Mark was your everyday, pretty average guy. He had married the love of his life a year ago. Exactly a year ago, actually. It was their anniversary. 
The distinct sizzling of a frying pan could be heard throughout the apartment. Mark thought it'd be nice to fry up some pancakes as a surprise for his wife. There was something so nice and peaceful about making a nice breakfast alone in the kitchen. Little bubbles started appearing on the surface of the pancakes showing that they were just about ready to be flipped over. *Sizzle*
The sound of sizzling was soon accompanied by the sound of footsteps from behind across the tiled kitchen floor. A figure walked up behind him, pausing to admire the lovely breakfast being prepared. Mark turned around as the figure let out a cute little yawn. Upon looking, he saw that a man about his age was standing across from him. 
"Oh, Good morning, Steph," he s
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Mature content
Camera of Change: Season of Change :iconiis18:Iis18 29 14



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Oh um. Hello!!
I'm one of those people who spend time reading and writing stories about people that transform (usually by magic) into someone or something else. Things I write mostly have relatively happy endings. To me, transformation is an amazing, life changing chance to experience something new. I don't intend to offend anyone. I'm really sorry if I ever do!

I really don't post that frequently. I write whenever I'm inspired and feel like writing.
Rarely, I'll even draw pictures to illustrate characters from my stories.

Also, I guess this is the right place to write that I'm queer and in general this is kind of just a strange way of exploring myself. I'm not using it as an excuse for any behaviors or anything, but it might affect the way I write. Gender identity is so complicated..

Anyways, I hope you're able to enjoy what I create. I really try to put heart into what I make!

I also tend to favorite a lot, hope you don't mind..
Would you prefer if I put what kind of transformation the story contains in the title / in the first line of the story?
Or would that ruin the surprise or something? I mean, you should go into them expecting someone to transform but maybe you'd like to know what the characters will transform into before you spend time reading an entire story.
Any preference? Is it fine the way it is? Leave any suggestions if you want.


So it kind of looks messy and crowded.. but I added specific titles to each part of A Second Chance
so Part 10 should be a big update? And i hope it wont take tooooo long. But anyways, there's some exciting things coming up in this part. It's going to be fun.
So I have places I want to go with A Second Chance. There's going to be some exciting plot twists and stuff. The real question is how I get from where I am to somewhere where I can have a big reveal. Writing is hard >.< 


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